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Piss Shower Girlfriend (excerpt)
File under: Japan

The Gerogerigegege

Piss Shower Girlfriend (Picture LP)

Label: Foad

Format: LP

Genre: Noise

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Late 80s unreleased album with lost & found recordings by the undisputed noise legends The Gerogerigegege

Edition of 400 copies. Of all the (in)famous Japanese noise bands, The Gerogerigegege (loosely translated as simultaneous vomit-diarhhea, then the supposed sound of such a catastrophic gastrointestinal event) has gone through all sorts of sonic incarnations, noisy splatter punk, bombastic japanoise, experimental musique concrete, with some of those incarnations featuring the added bonus of mic-ed masturbating, courtesy of a geriatric 'public' masturbator befriended by Juntaro. Quoting Juntaro himself to let you understand how this whole project started: “And, I’d just found excellent unreleased tape of Gero at home. I can’t remember this recording and date. Date, maybe, the end of ’80 or early ’90. I think you and Gero’ fans really like this recording. Side A for 15min. Side B for 15min. I named this record is…

It’s all here, brief song introductions, his typical “1,2,3,4” and then an avalanche of ear-pinching horrorific noise ferocity of the most sheer and annihiliating type topped by lacerating screams…13 songs in total.

File under: Japan
Cat. number: Foad 193
Year: 2019