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Lost Aaraaf - excerpt

Lost Aaraaf

Lost Aaraaf (2CD)

Label: Super Fuji Discs

Format: CD

Genre: Psych



In process of stocking. Released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the group. Comes in a thick plastic case with obi and booklet. Booklet includes liner notes by Hiroyuki Takahashi, Gaku Torii, a dialogue between Takahashi and Haino (moderated by Tsuyoshi Gōda), and chronology of the group's performances. The band was formed by Keiji Haino, and included Hiroyuki Takahashi on drums and percussions, Saitoh on bòàèass, Shigeru Suda & Akira Asami on piano and keyboards.  Keiji Haino (born 1952 in Japan) is a guitarist with a noisy, intense, squalling, feedback-drenched sound that has made him a cult artist in Japan and an underground favorite around the world. He describes his guitar as a "weapon to express myself." Haino's music includes elements of free jazz and psychedelic rock, is largely improvised, and is usually played at stun volume. Despite the chaotic sound of his music, he approaches his work with an intellectual, almost religious seriousness.

Cat. number: FJSP413
Year: 2021

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Lost Aaraaf (2CD)
CD | €60.00