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Pole Reports From Space

Label: Bolt

Format: 2xCD

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Pole Reports From Space collects together archival recordings and new commissions from the Polish Radio Experimental Studio on the theme of space. The Polish Radio Experimental Studio was founded in 1957, and like other electronic and experimental radio stations, frequently produced interpretations of the sounds of deep space, alien sound effects and the whirrs of the future. Pole Reports From Space is compiled and partly commissioned by Bolt Records.The Polish Radio Experimental Studio has been, since its founding, a source of music associated with space imagery. The uniqueness of sounds, robotics, automation, interplanetary travel, spectacular crashes, and explosions of suns – all these could be accommodated in the  imagination of a creative sound engineer. Points of reference consisted in the sounds made by planes, rockets and weapons, whereas space emptiness and silence were incarnated by nebulae spatial sound, filled with reverb and echo. Almost always when there was a need in a film for the voices of green aliens, Warsaw engineers were asked for help.

The Experimental Studio was initially associated with the experience of a laboratory-oriented mental conquest of the stars, acoustic "domestication" of the topic of the near and, as it then seemed, inevitable, colonization of the cosmos by a fearless man. Among a number of "cosmic" illustrations for stories, documents and reports realized in the Studio led by Joseph Patkowski, a few items glitter with exceptional glow.

Cat. number: BR ES17
Year: 2015