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Rain, ghosts, one dog and empty woodland - Excerpt 1
Rain, ghosts, one dog and empty woodland - Excerpt 2

Gianmaria Aprile

Rain, Ghosts, One Dog and Empty Woodland (LP)

Label: We Insist!

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Rain, ghosts, one dog and empty woodland is the first solo album by the musician Gianmaria Aprile, which comes after many productions in the world of a certain frontier rock, close to psychedelia, ambient, noise, jazz and its drifts. The first record where Gianmaria Aprile has no other musicians as travel companions, but only the sound of the two instruments he brought together: the guitar and the guqin. It’s a story of ghosts and long walks in the woods under the rain, in the company of a black dog.

“...Close your eyes and you’ll find yourself inside; a stream within a precise track, a solitary walk among the colors of the wood, sound views varying swiftly like cloud figures, sunrises and sunsets alternating in an ever accelerating footage...” - Alberto Anadone

“Sounds have neither end nor beginning; some are born, others die; some lie down, others rise up. They flow endlessly and miraculously. That is why you are afraid of music.”- Zhuang-Zi

Cat. number: LPWEIN10
Year: 2020

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