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Best of 2016
File under: meditative music
Best of 2016

Terry Riley

Rainbow In Cologne (2CD)

Label: B.Free

Format: CDx2

Genre: Electronic

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Mystical, largely organ-based live concert by legendary experimental composer Terry Riley. Terry Riley’s organ and tape loops concerts are the stuff of legend and it’s pretty marvelous to finally have this astonishing performance released. "Minimalist composer Terry Riley premiered his work 'In C' in 1964, a big influence on minimalism in contemporary composition and on subsequent works bycomposers like Philip Glass, Steve Reich and John Adams. 1967’s 'A Rainbow In Curved Air' and its companionpiece 'Poppy Nogood And The Phantom Band' – both mixing repetition, electronics and tape-manipulation – were often performed in marathon, trance-inducing performances, and Riley was regarded a cult musician in avantgarde rock music circles. This 2-CD set presents previously unheard versions of two compositions, performed by Terry Riley on church organ in Cologne."

File under: meditative music
Cat. number: BE 6215-16
Year: 2016

2-CD Digipack Edition incl 12 page booklet

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