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Atrax Morgue, Necrofilia

Sein Zum Tode (Lp)

Label: Urashima

Format: LP

Genre: Noise

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In the early nineties, Slaughter Productions released two masterpieces of Atrax Morgue as Necro-sintesi and Necrophiliac Experience split with Lunus, noise project of Devis Granziera, a very close friend of Marco Corbelli. This partnership is only the prelude to what will happen a few years later. In 1996 Marco Corbelli and Devis Granziera decided to resume a bizarre project by Devis Granziera called Nekrophilia. After two years of work, changing the name of the project in Necrofilia, comes out on tape again for Slaughter Productions the result of their collaboration with the title of ‘’Sein Zum Tode’’. The tape is brutal! Harsh tones that cut through the air with manic male agonizing voice moving into a lyrical attack. Each track contain hypnotic storm of sounds with  dense noise pattern that bangs it into your head!

Reprinted for the first time in LP, tracks were remastered from the original tape and the record has been pressed on 140 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve  and comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard in an edition of 199 copies.

Cat. number: Uma 123
Year: 2017

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