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Kazutoki Umezu

Show the Frog

Label: Doubtmusic

Format: CD

In stock

This work shows Umezu's various musical talent. For example, Umezu changes Irish trad called the Star Of the County Down into Japanese fisherman's folktune by his own interpretation. Or while his recording, he find the way of blowing the highest tone what is limits of possibility of bass clarinet. This highest tone is in the tune called 1970, Umezu's masterpiece. And he expresses his love of Ainu traditional in the tune called Chakton. Chakton is a rhythm pattern of Ainu music. Umezu was inspired by Mukkuri, Ainu people's populer instrument, then he blow fake Mukkuri on bass-clarinet. This work also his first bass clarinet solo!
Cat. number: dms-104
Year: 2005