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Lay Llamas, Tetuan


Label: Artetetra

Format: TAPE

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A1- Lay Llamas - The Big Calm Sea of the Transition
Written, recorded and produced by Nicola Giunta/Lay Llamas. All rights reserved ©
Nicola Giunta - synthesizer, acoustic and electric guitar, bongos, djembé, cymbal, percussions, flute
Andrea Davì - bodhràn, bongos, drums, lali drum, indian bells
Marco Bernacchia  - vocals, lead and percussion acoustic guitar


B1- Tetuan - Juju
B2- Tetuan - Lame Rosse
Written by Tetuan
Recorded by Manuel Kopf and Tetuan at Plaster Recording Studio in january 2016.
Mixed by Manuel Kopf and Tetuan.

Cat. number: .
Year: 2018
Genre: Electronic

Master by Riccardo Gamondi at Fiscer Prais Studio.
Art and Desing by Nicola Ferrari
Released by Artetetra.