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What is life if you can't be punched and then get a kiss?

Label: Artetetra

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

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"What is life if you can't be punched and then get a kiss" is the new tape by Marimba, Berlin-based project consisting of Elia Buletti (active as Delmore FX, dj Giorgio Gabber, poet and founder of the label Das Andere Selbst) and Paul Jones (Stolen Recordings co-founder, member of Mothership convention, Cindytalk).

Marimba is an amorphous being that articulates tender lo-fi patterns and colorful layers, alternating pure sound processing through electronic machineries to open and prepared string improvisations.
After a debut tape and some sporadic appearances on mixtapes and compilations, Marimba comes back with a new tape that brings together Artetetra's taste for imaginary and delusional world music and their intentions in scavenging new outlandish and funky sound compositions.

Cat. number: ATA 20
Year: 2018

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