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Exotic Ésotérique Vol​.​3 (2xTapes)

Label: Artetetra

Format: 2xTAPES

Genre: Experimental

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* Double tape in transparent & black butterfly style case with both sided print original jcards and one-sided cassette labels * Since five years Artetetra has launched its relentless research into the outlandish contemporary post-geographic imageries inquiring the possibilities of a whimsical recomposition of the multiple and scattered fragments that form the transglobal digital brainthrust; always with a flamboyant, unorthodox signature tongue-in-cheek approach.

Exotic ésotérique Vol.3 is the third chapter of explorations in the lands of the melting people as well as of their unfurling sonic languages and future pidgins: a lysergic documentarian cartography of the e-ukiyo: the internet’s floating world. The beloved Italian nefarious underground corporation presents once again its skewed aural manifesto marking the new unfolded boundaries and exotic topologies freshly charted by means of fictional superimpositions between different real and unreal auditory worlds.

After two more years of under-the-radar investigations in the pataphysical lip, the result has pretty much the shape of a coalescing quirky archipelago inhabited by undiscovered life forms with different degrees of reality, linguistic configurations and ontological statuses. EE3 is a suggestive succession of strangely assembled pieces of micromondo miscellanea as small bizarre objects and surreal items right for Artetetra’s continuously metastasizing outré wunderkammer.

A showcase of heterogeneous materials that cover an entire imaginal ecosystem going from the grotesque to the hazy, to the hypnagogic and absurd til the utterly whimsical; often resulting in non-linear audio experiences with humoristic and paradoxical outcomes. Abstract exotica, amphibian footwork, compositional audio-jokes, brutal counterpoint metal, aquatic sci-fi shredding, steel-cold cognitive fado, glossolalia madrigals, metaphysical hip-hop, sunitty conglomerations, abrasive warfare cartoon OSTs. All and all, let’s just call it Quinto Mondo.

Cat. number: n/a
Year: 2021

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