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    Static Disposal

    Label: ANOPHELES

    Format: Vinyl LP

    Out of stock

    Anopheles Records is proud to announce a high quality, deluxe, tip-on style heavy jacket sleeve edition of this 1976 acid-punk classic from Oklahoma for 2008, with an additional two-sided insert unique to this edition, pressed on black vinyl for the first time since the original pressing in 1976. LP reissue (the first non-clear vinyl pressing we've released since we started doing the Anopheles label in 1991) of this December 1975 recorded, Oklahoma outer limits psych-noise proto-punk extravaganza, which has gone on to inspire the likes of the Screamers and Nurse With Wound. This edition features the complete April, 1976 self-released LP, taken from the original master tapes, with original artwork, and a previously unreleased (and amazing!) November 1975 practice take of the Stooges' 'Real Cool Time' (an earlier, radically different recording to the CD version, which is still available). The previous clear vinyl edition of Debris' on LP from 2002 sold out years ago, and is now selling for $50-$100 on eBay.
    Cat. number: ANOPH 006LP
    Year: 2008