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lukas simonis

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lukas simonis - stots

lukas simonis


€ 14.00

LABEL: Korm Plastics
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. z6 | YEAR. (2008)

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The music contained in this awesome CD could be defined as an  outsider's version of electro-acoustic composition, using improvisation & field recordings as the main material to build the pieces with. The point of departure for making the whole song cycle was the conscious misunderstanding of language; coming from the idea that you can never say exactly the same thing in a different language (so 'i love you' means something else then 'je t'aime').  'Stots' and all the song titles are in a secret language as an expression for the receiver to use only their senses for perception; not the banal knowledge of dogmatic and misunderstood information.

Lukas Simonis; guitarist, composer, lives in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and co-founded and works for WORM (a centre for experimental arts). For most of his musical career, he has played in bands and projects that seldom managed to play 'straight' music, despite moving within the field of 'rock' (e.g. Dull Schicksal, Trespassers W, Morzelpronk, Liana Flu Winks, AA Kismet, Vril and Coolhaven). His interests also lie in the direction of more abstract 'sound'; using electronics, improvisation, voice, field recordings and objects. He has played gigs/improvised with people like Eugene Chadbourne, Eddie Prevost, Pierre Bastien, Richard Barret, Jon Rose, Anne Wellmer, Trevor Wishart, Greg Malcolm and many more, and has groups with Ann la Berge, The Bohman Brothers (Apricot My Lady) and Henk Bakker (Static Tics).

Produzione composita nell'approccio chitarristico e neo-impro che si confronta tuttavia con i più attuali paradigmi glitch ad articolare sonorità  ridondanti, ricche d'innesti (field recordings), modulando maniere vecchie e nuove, faccenda del tutto naturale per chi come Simonis ha le sue radici nell'industrial music e nel noise rock degli anni ottanta. Attitudine poi traghettata nelle esperienze del collettivo Worm a Rotterdam e mutuata successivamente in direzione d'un suono più astratto che utilizzasse anche l'elettronica ibridando tecniche e differenti modalità  stilistiche. Un ottimo album a mio avviso, che rende merito d'un passaggio generazionale dovuto, testimonianza d'aderenza non posticcia alle ultimissime estetiche contemporanee. (Aurelio Cianciotta -

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