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Taraxacum - excerpt 1
Taraxacum - excerpt 2



Label: Black Sweat Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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**CD version** Incredible 1986 lost recordings, an amazing adventure of a musicological and botanical research on the psychoacoustic qualities of the green world. It's the investigation of an organic symbiosis, real and mysterious at the same time, between the pharmacological properties of the plant and the sound emitted by the same material essence. From the single natural element comes the vibration permeating the whole universe; an indissoluble binomial for which "everything that makes up existence contains the information of itself in all its parts". Here, the visionary Walter Maioli (Aktuala, Futuro Antico, Synaulia) collaborates with the music therapist and eclectic composer Agostino Nirodh Fortini, for more than thirty years specialist in the field of sound and video applied to body therapies and meditation. By exposing the archetype breath of the stem, slowing its speed and manipulating and filtering it electronically, the two explorers create a bath of harmonic games with purifying and regenerating powers.

Never before released, Taraxacum is a journey back in time - a window into what so much of the Italian avant-garde was all about - visionary, creatively ambitious, and relentlessly democratic - drawing inspiration from a diverse number of global traditions, as well as the sounds of the natural world. Drawing from musicological and botanical research on the psychoacoustic qualities of the Green World - an investigation of an organic symbiosis - the pharmacological properties of plants and the sound emitted by their material essence, these are the realms music which few have explored - singular fruit born of a juncture between the visionary mind of Maioli and the music therapist and eclectic composer, Agostino Nirodh Fortini - a specialist in the field of sound and video applied to body therapies and meditation.

A stunning patchwork or resonant harmonics, sustained and shifting drones and tones, played against the rippling sounds of field recordings, the beauty and creative ambition of Taraxacum is nothing short of overwhelming. A truly immersive, sometimes complex, revelatory adventure with one foot in the minds of its creators, and the other in the natural world. Stunning, and absolutely essential on every count. It's impossible to recommend this one enough. If you loved Black Sweat's reissues of Futuro Antico and Amazonia 6891 as much as we did, or are fans of minimalism, new age, or field recording based work, this one is as essential as they come.


Cat. number: BS 051CD
Year: 2019

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