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Sun Araw

The Inner Treaty

Label: Sun Ark Records

Format: Vinyl LP

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With the wake of his blessed collab with The Congos and his 'Ancient Romans' side still shimmering in our memory, Cameron Stallones returns from his mystic regressions to present a sixth solo LP as Sun Araw. With his return comes a startlingly fresh-faced clarity to his sound, as though millenia of metaphysical sonic travel have dislodged the overbuild of dusty amp wax and really let some cosmic sunshine thru. It's perhaps also down to some assistance in the final process from Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom, but ultimately it's Stallones' calligraphic dub guitar tendrils, nonchalant drawl and alien polyrhythmic patter that came first, and with them, the vibes. He still inhabits a world of ferric saturation but there are warmer traces of digidub drum machine and synth tones creeping in from the future, it's just taken them a few decades to regenerate from the quieter vibrations left at the Black Ark and find a new host after descrambling from the earth's electro-magnetic FM overspill zone out in the middle of the Pacific, somewhere near that huge plastic island. (Boomkat)
Cat. number: SA022
Year: 2012