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Paul Giovanni & Gary Carpenter

The Wicker Man (LP)

Label: Music On Vinyl

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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One of the maddest soundtracks you'll ever buy – a strange mix of folksy tunes, sound effects, and odd noisy bits – recorded for the equally odd film of the same name! The record is impossible to describe accurately, but it's a really dark one – strangely fragile at some moments, with a sing-song intensity that almost makes it feel like some of the late 80s pagan folk efforts of David Tibet! The 40th Anniversary Edition has a different track listing to the preceding OST double album, selecting only the songs to make a single LP. Giovanni had always intended to release the soundtrack on vinyl as an album of songs, but this never happened due to the film’s troubled past,and consequently the existing soundtrack includes extra incidental music. This pressing is unique, presenting the music as an album of those songs  – the only time Paul Giovanni’s musical vision for the film has been accurately represented on record.

Silva Screen commissioned artist Richey Beckett to come up with artwork for a poster and sleeve. This repress on white vinyl contrasts beautifully with the artwork, which is printed on reverse board.  It also includes the stunning original printed inner sleeve.

Cat. number: MOVLP063
Year: 2017

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