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josephine foster

This Coming Gladness
€ 16.00
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josephine foster - This Coming Gladness

josephine foster

This Coming Gladness

€ 16.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. WEAVIL31CD | YEAR. (2008)

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This is Colorado-based Josephine Foster's (Born Heller, The Supposed) debut release for Bo Weavil Recordings, and her third full-length album. This Coming Gladness is the highly-awaited follow-up to 2006's A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing on Locust. This Coming Gladness is transcendental fin de siècle songs from one of the great unsung voices and songwriters of our modern times. Josephine Foster unites rarely united royal realms: self-penned operatic art songs cast in freely-rendered blues with electric guitars and drums beating the path along with harp and piano flourishes. She has a voice that was trained for opera, but creaks like ancient mountain folk floating out from a dusty Victrola. She surpasses any "weird-folk" labelling through the sheer timelessness of her songcraft -- making baroque balladry sound new yet remembered from some not-too distant shared American past. Joining her on this recording is electric guitarist Victor Herrero and drummer Alex Nielson.

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