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Spoils & Relics

Threadbare Adult Life

Label: Second Sleep

Format: 4 x tape

Genre: Noise

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The UK Trio return with a monumental work of moaning and hissing electronics, bars encounters and tapes actions. Spoils & Relics are Gary Myles, Kieron Piercy, and Johnny Scarr, an experimental trio from UK. Ed Pinsent (The Sound Projector) descives them as, "a very perplexing listening experience. It’s far from clear what we might be hearing; improvisations, field recordings, found sounds, all of the above. It’s as though they set themselves the task of editing a feature film... to remove all the spoken bits of dialogue, so that all that remains is traces, fleeting images of a character opening their mouth about to speak, no sound. If you allow it, this baffling abstraction could take your mind for a little walk around corners you never knew existed.

Cat. number: SS075
Year: 2017

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