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daniel menche

Yagua Ovy
€ 15.00
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daniel menche - Yagua Ovy

daniel menche

Yagua Ovy

€ 15.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. MIE 007 | YEAR. (2011)

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Yaguà Ovy is the first collaboration between the sublime noise artist, Daniel Menche, and Anla Courtis, the Argentinean experimental guitarist and founder of Reynols. Based around the Argentinean mythology of the Werewolf, or "the blue dog" that lives on the "Land without Evil" of Mbya–Guarani, Yaguà Ovy shows Menche and Courtis at their commanding best, whipping up a cacophony of primal and natural noise from all manner of objects and instruments. Menche draws out the sound and resonances found lying in snow and rocks while Courtis bewitches pizza sauce cans and his guitar creating this mind flaying homage to the mythical wolf.

“Menche leads the listener into a dark wilderness through shingle and stone, while around him Courtis builds a sense of menace into the story, a deep sense of foreboding, with his cracked guitar rumbling like a gathering electrical storm, an impending violent transformation. When it breaks, the downpour builds in intensity until it becomes a howl, a savage roar from an indefinable form that indeed sounds part nature, part beast, part human.” - The Liminal

“an album that’s not quite noise, but not quite improv, but really has some of the best qualities of both.” - Brainwashed

Notes   Tracklisting

Mastered in the analog domain at Stereophonic Mastering, Portland, Oregon.

A   El Relincho    
B   Runa-Uturunco