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New Arrivals

Non si sevizia un paperino (Red LP)
* Edition of 300 * Deluxe vinyl reissue of Riz Ortolani classic score for one of the most iconic giallo ever made, directed by Lucio Fulci in 1972, starring Bar…
Red LP | €25.90
Marta … Dopo di Che, Uccide il Maschio e lo Divora (White LP)
* Edition of 300. White Vinyl * Premiere vinyl release of Piero Piccioni score for classic erotic giallo, directed by José Antonio Nieves Conde in 1971, starrin…
White LP | €25.90
The Tenant (LP)
Quartet Records and Paramount Pictures present the expanded, remastered edition of the iconic score by Philippe Sarde (Ghost Story, Lord of the Flies, Pirates, …
LP | €25.90
Harlem Pop (LP+CD)
* Edition of 300  * Gregorio García Segura, also known as Greg Segura, was one of the most respected composers on the Spanish music scene during the 1960s and 1…
LP+CD | €25.90
Zoo Folle / Gli Animali… che Simpatia
* Edition of 500. 2020 Stock * Quartet Records, GDM and Universal Music Publishing Italia present the CD premiere of two cult Giuliano Sorgini scores for rare T…
CD | €18.90
Dedicato al Mare Egeo
* 2020 Stock * Dedicato al mare Egeo was a bizarre co-production produced between Italy and Japan from 1979, starring the famous Italian porn star Illona Stalle…
CD+Booklet | €18.90
8½ (2-CD)
* 2020 Stock * Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar proudly present a 2-CD set with the premiere release of the complete score composed by Nino Rota (La Dolce Vita,…
2CD | €21.90
Il Diario Proibito di Fanny
* Edition of 300. 2020 Stock * Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar presents a complete score premiere of tuneful Nora Orlandi delicious score. Written and directed…
CD | €18.90
Un Amore
* Edition of 300 * Quartet Records releases CD premiere of Giorgio Gaslini masterpiece! Based on the novel by Dino Buzzati, Un amore (1965) focuses on architect…
CD | €18.90
Andrea Doria-74
* Edition of 300 * Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar present the premiere CD release of this much-requested score by Riz Ortolani (Fantasma d’amore, Valentina, M…
CD | €18.90
Scusi, lei conosce il sesso?
* Edition of 300 * Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar present the world premiere release of the score for a rare mondo film by no less than Angelo Francesco Lavag…
CD | €18.90
Perversione / Stress
*Edition of 300 * Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar presents the premiere releases of two Carlo Savina psychedelic cult classics. Manuel Mur Oti’s Perversione (a…
CD+Booklet | €18.90
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The Film Music of Franco Bixio (2CD)
* Edition of 300 * Quartet Records in collaboration with Cinevox Records presents a collection of renowned Italian composer Franco Bixio that showcases four pre…
2CD | €21.90
Bianca (Lithography)
* Limited Numbered Edition of 200 * In 1972, when his brother Franco asked him to work on the first Garybaldi’s album artwork, Guido Crepax already knew what wo…
Lithography | €55.00
Crepax a 33 Giri (Book)
* Italian Language *  For ten years two brothers, Franco and Guido Crepax, worked side by side to give a graphic identity to the production of vinyl in Italy. F…
Book | €28.00
* Edition of 300. 2020 Stock * Quartet Records presents premiere release of the complete score composed by Carlo Rustichelli (L’isola di Arturo, La lunga notte …
CD | €18.90

Best Sellers

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New York Total Music Company 1968 - SWR Broadcast (LP)
Restocked, very last copies ** Private edition, limited to 107 hand-numbered copies ** Broadcast from SWR, recorded at 10th Deutsches Jazzfestival Frankfurt, Ge…
LP | €23.90
Le Massacre Du Printemps (LP)
* First ever vinyl reissue of highly sought after French experimental jazz from the legendary Jef Gilson Remastered from the master tapes. * In 1971, the day af…
LP | €21.90
Natural Information (LP)
Joshua Abrams’ first Natural Information album from 2010, superb avant-jazz, newly remastered at Dubplates & Mastering and released in an edition of 999 copies …
LP | €25.90
Snapshot from the Island (LP)
A rare pearl of Hungarian experimental music, Tibor Szemzo’s sublime debut album Snapshot From The Island [1987] is widely regarded as one of the best ambient …
LP | €23.90

Upcoming Releases

I. (2LP)
2LP | €28.00
Trombe (LP)
LP | €15.90
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