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Esplendor Geométrico

8 Traks & Live

Label: Geometrik

Format: CD+DVD

Genre: Experimental

In stock

Geometrik presents the new EG album, recorded in 2007, in a double digipack including also a DVD. The audio CD includes 8 new tracks of neo-Industrial Trance built on loops of rhythm & noise with the unique and typical style of this international cult pioneer Industrial band. They get an hypnotic effect that can be very addictive to the listener. The DVD includes the extraordinary, and first in ten years, performance of EG in Madrid on last Festival Decibelio 2006 (June 2006). All the tracks of the show are unreleased or quite different versions of known tracks as they add the crude voice of Arturo Lanz. There are also included two extras: an extract of a performance in Spain in 1994 (still with the historical founding member Gabriel Riaza), and the first recently recovered EG “video-clip”, Neuridrina (1981), created by the industrial musician and experimental Spanish artist Rafael Flores. This first edition in double digipack is limited to 1100 copies .
Cat. number: gr digi-02
Year: 2007

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