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John Cage

Alla ricerca del silenzio perduto - Il treno di John Cage


Format: DVD+Book+ 3cd

Genre: Sound Art

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truly an amazing edition, bilingual Italian - English. 'Any and all sounds are music : the sounds that surround us, whether we are in a concert hall or not...' 'We can begin from this quote by John Cage to unearth the traces of one of the most emblematic happenings of our time. In June 1978 Cage's Train marked a watershed in musical culture. It drew a line which parted those who think of music as an artistic expression based on a tonal system (or beyond that, on any system at all) from those who believe music to be merely one element of a wider universe of sounds, where all we can do is refine the art of listening. Cage's Train was articulated into '3 excursions in a prepared train'. As such, it combined a Fluxus-inspired happening (Fluxus is the neo-dada movement led, among others, by Cage himself) and a work aimed at making the concept of soundscape explicit.' Carlo Infante The happening Alla ricerca del silenzio perduto ¥ Cage's Train has lingered in the memory of all the people who took part in it, and the echoes left behind by the American composer's prepared train have spread through time. This rare document contains critical contributions on the event in both Italian and English, 3 audio CDs featuring the elaboration of the train's 3 excursions and 1 DVD. They are all previously unpublished materials, collected here for the first time.

Il treno di John Cage è rimasto nella memoria di tutti coloro che vi hanno partecipato e l’eco che questo treno preparato del compositore americano ha lasciato si è trasmessa nel tempo. Questo raro documento contiene testi critici sull’evento in italiano e inglese, 3 CD audio con l’elaborazione dei 3 viaggi del treno curata da Patrizio Fariselli e Walter Marchetti, e 1 DVD: materiali fino ad ora inediti e raccolti per la prima volta in questo libro
Cat. number: isbn 9788880008903
Year: 2008

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