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nuno da luz - joana escoval

Beasts of Gravity (2LP)
€ 33.00
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nuno da luz - joana escoval - Beasts of Gravity (2LP)
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Performance Art

nuno da luz - joana escoval

Beasts of Gravity (2LP)

€ 33.00

LABEL: The Vinyl Factory
GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: LPx2 | CATALOG N. VF270 | YEAR. (2019)

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Edition of 300. Double LP created by Joana Escoval and Nuno da Luz, recorded on the volcanic islands of Iceland and Stromboli. Sounds record from above and under ground, inside and outside of water and inside the earth’s magnetosphere. Side A comprises the First and Second Movements: the First is composed of seismic waves, VLF radiation (electrical storms reflected on the Ionosphere), and the songs of Humpback Whales; in the Second Movement, three whales reach up to the surface to breathe through their blowholes, accompanied by wind gusts and birds circling above.

Side C comprises the Third and Fourth Movements: in the Third, a high-pressure geyser is paired up with cymbal washes and seismic waves; and in the Fourth and last, the wind plays electric guitar accompanied by the sea surf down on the beach, in Stromboli. It ends with a locked groove featuring the ambient sound within the crater of an extinct volcano, in Iceland. Remix and remodels from DJ Marfox and alva noto / Carsten Nicolai

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