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Atrax Morgue

Collection in Formaldeide

Label: Urashima

Format: LP

Genre: Noise

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In 1994 the activity of the Slaughter Productions becomes more and more frantic, releasing countless tapes. In the same year, leaving four important works of Atrax Morgue on cassette, the first of which is ‘’Collection In Formaldeide’’. The tape, limited to only thirty copies, is accompanied by a syringe needle attached with scotch, signifying that this music would be ‘’an injection of death’’. All this is packaged in a transparent box for VHS, containing a pair of white latex gloves, two postcard size flyer and an A4 sheet folded to form a mini fanzine entitled ‘’Aseptic Vision’’: a proliferation of images of dead bodies similar to each other . The sound of ‘’Collection In Formaldeide’’ is simply devastating. Crosses terrifying rooms lit by neon lights, corridors filled with gruesome tools, machines of blood and bits of human tissue floating in jars of formalin. The hum of the synth, the roar of noise and fights razor are often repeated loops, where each track has a compact structure, following the main theme (of death). It is fascinating that so modest means can create an atmosphere so crowds. A soundtrack for sick minds!

The record has been pressed on 140 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve and comes with back silver silkscreen logo on black cardboard sleeve and black ink on black cardboard (original tape) artwork paste on front. Also include all inserts and objects from original release limited in 30 copies: mini fanzine Aseptic Vision, postcard (only one - not two!), two white latex gloves and syringe needle. Plus insert with credits and new art from ‘’Atlante di medicina legale’’by Waldemar Weimann and Otto Prokop.

Cat. number: UMA 080
Year: 2014