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File under: Japanese Jazzavant

Keiki Midorikawa

Complete Grune Revolution (1975)

Label: Doubtmusic

Format: CDx2 digipack

Genre: Jazz

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A much-needed and expanded reissue of this 1970s Offbeat label LP of cellist Midorikawa in duos with Masahiko Togashi, Masayuki Takayanagi and Masahiko Sato.Keiki Midorikaw (cello, bass), Masahiko Togashi (percussion, drums), Masayuki Takayanagi (guitar) et Masahiko Sato (piano). Recorded on January 16, 1976 at Nichi-futsu kaikan, Tokyo. The original LP of this work has duo with Takayanagi on A side and duo with Sato on B side. But in the concert, Midorikawa played duo with Togashi about 40 minutes, afterward he played duo with Takayanagi and with Sato both about 20 minutes actually. It didn't include Togashi duo on the original LP. This time doubtmusic found a tape of Midorikawa - Togashi duo, 2CD set convey all performance that day as a complete version. The tapes which are used on those CDs are different from the original master tape, and we re-mastered them, so the quality is higher than the original LP. Midorikawa's free improvisation that playing duo with each Togashi, Takayanagi, Sato is inventive and in consequence, each music is very beautiful. Those music are prime free-jazz that quietness and intensity seem like spindrift

File under: Japanese Jazzavant
Cat. number: dmhrp-129/130
Year: 2009