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Decimus 1
€ 18.00
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decimus - Decimus 1


Decimus 1

€ 18.00

LABEL: Kelippah
GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. Kel001 | YEAR. (2011)

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And Here in Aries, birthed in a union of Hei and Dalet, Behold! Brought forth with the taste survival on it’s lips Where this taste emerges as the only absolute desire that remains immune to a war waged on the bondage of need Synthetic meditations on the zodiac as envisioned by Decimus Magnus Ausonius (310-395).
Second in a series of twelve Decimus LPs. Hand painted and stenciled edition of 300 LPs released by Kelippah Records.“Multis terribilis timeto multos”

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Hand painted and Stenciled edition of 300 lp released by Kelippah Records
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