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asmus tietchens

Eine Menge Papier
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asmus tietchens - Eine Menge Papier
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asmus tietchens

Eine Menge Papier

€ 10.00

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GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. aatp 27 | YEAR. (2009)

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“Eine Menge Papier” assembles 20 minutes of sounds derived from using paper as the sound souce. Two tracks originally came out as a limited 7” record on the austrian Syntactic label in the 1990ies and appear here for the first time on CD. The other two tracks were planned for a follow up 7” on the same label that never materialized. The fifth track is a study of sonic material in the same series. There are two further tracks from the P.I.G. series that are considered by the artists as failed attemps. These remain in the closet. The five sonic movements on “Eine Menge Papier” go back to the Tietchens sound right before he started the Mengen series, using primarily sine waves and white noise. “Eine Menge Papier” is an interesting documentation of the transitioin in Tietchens’ sound from the concretish, post-industrial rumblings and textures to the more refined, abstract and cold atmospheres.

Notes   Tracklisting
"P.I.G. 5" and "P.I.G. 5A" were released on the 7" Papier Ist Geduldig. A planned 7", titled 'Ende Der Geduld', with the three other songs was never released. 'P.I.G. Derivat' was later released on the 7" Six quarters. This CD contains all relevant P.I.G. songs. 'P.I.G. 1' and 'P.I.G. 3' remain where they are now: in an archive.
1   P.I.G. 5 (3:09)
2   P.I.G. 5A (3:02)
3   P.I.G. Derivat (4:29)
4   P.I.G. 4 (1:53)
5   P.I.G. 2 (8:03)