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ERRATUM #3, revue sonore / sound review

Label: Erratum Musical

Format: CD

Genre: Sound Art

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This lengthy compilation offers up a mixed bag of the fascinating and the wearisome. Peak bits of said fascination here would have to be Gregory Whitehead, Gilles Richard and the duo of Patrick Muller and Jean-Francois Bory, who all offer up wonderfully sick vocal based surrealist audio malformations. Elsewhere, Zbigniew Kakowski dishes up nerve janging sinewaves and distorted field recordings while Dinsinformation and Charlemagne Palestine both maddeningly revel in stasis, with unwavering low-end thrums from the former and nearly 14 minutes of a held note with field recordings layered on top from the latter. Perhaps strangest of all (for those that have followed the man's work), is a track presenting a guitar chugging Ghedalia Tazartes!
Cat. number: EM 003
Year: 2008

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