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Hagazussa (Lp)
€ 16.90
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mohammad - Hagazussa (Lp)


Hagazussa (Lp)

€ 16.90

GENRE: Library/Soundtracks | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. afro 2077 | YEAR. (2018)

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Mohammad are back!! With their name compressed into MMMD deliver their most lyrical work to date on the original soundtrack for Lukas Feigelfeld's slow-burning gothic horror movie “Hagazussa – A heathen's curse”. The music is absorbing, emotional and powerful as ever and bears MMMD's familiar idiosyncratic universe galvanized in their previous releases, while open to new sonic territories that reflect the film's constant state of dread as well as key elements such as trauma, isolation, anxiety and delusion.

"low scything strings and frequencies so low they practically drill underground like a contraption in a Jules Verne story and it stays like that, modulating and transforming but always hypnotic to the point of serenity. It’s such a rich soundscape, beautiful and sometimes distantly terrifying, like watching Bergman while the sound from the screen next door playing Suspiria bleeds through to conjugate.. It’s just thrilling." The Quietus

'It’s a wonderful record but it won’t give you pleasant dream"  Fighting Boredom

"inescapable mood of dark of dark encroaching dread " Mojo magazine

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Edition of 500. Comes with a dowload code.

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