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Don Cherry

Live at the Bracknell Jazz Festival (2Lp)

Label: Klimt

Format: LPx2

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Edition of 500. The mid 80s were a pivotal period for Don Cherry. Much of his energies had been devoted to co-op projects like Codona and Old and New Dreams and he also helped jumpstart the Leaders. The time being ripe to form his own ensemble, Cherry created Nu, a quintet with saxophonist/flutist Carlos Ward, bassist Mark Helias, percussionist Nana Vasconcelos and drummer Ed Blackwell. Live at the Bracknell Jazz Festival, 1986 confirms Nu to be an ensemble that vigorously and cogently articulated the various aspects of the multi-instrumentalist's multicultural aesthetic. Spanning aboriginal drones, invocatory chantlike melodies and rhythmically charged, vamp-pegged blowing, this exceptional concert recording fills a significant gap in Cherry's discography.

Cat. number: MJJ390DLP
Year: 2018
Genre: Jazz
File under: free improvisation