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Menses (excerpt)

Maurizio Bianchi

Menses (LP + CD)

Label: Menstrualrecordings

Format: LP + CD

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Edition of 100 numbered copies. This new re-issue is pressed on 180 gram black vinyl and includes a CD of the album. The cover is rubber stamped on front and back cover as the original 1982 pressing and also labels and insert replicate the original artworks. First issued on the Broken Flag label in the UK in an edition of 300 in 1983. A different style, providing some distance from all his previous works; a more expansive experimentation with multiple layers of synthesizer sounds. Still very intense. M.B.'s recordings come closest to classical electronics, but always with a very personal style

"Suicidal album. Death ia a pleasure after a side of this record - it makes Come's "I'm Jack" seem like "Christmas Oratorio". Let MB be your executioner!" Review from Kata 11, Come Org. 1982

Cat. number: LH 115
Year: 2019
Genre: Noise