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Gigi Masin, Giuseppe Caprioli

Moltitudine in Labirinto

Label: Ants

Format: CD

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Moltitudine in labirinto is a poetic journey drawn with sound. An unveiled meeting. The minimal sequences, the recognizable character of Gigi Masin’s music, here are fused with the electronic “vision” of Giuseppe Caprioli, more harsch, materic. The result is a fascinating hybrid, a new modern music, leaden and grieved, lost voice in the maze of memories. This CD, at the same time the new work of Masin and the “first time” for Caprioli, stands as a high expression in the lineage of evolution of the ever growing ambient/electronic scene. Gigi Masin: tape loops, live electronics; Giuseppe Caprioli: tape treatments, live electronics.

Cat. number: AG 07
Year: 1970
Genre: Electronic
File under: Ambient