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Don Cherry

Mu First Part

Label: BYG Actuel

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

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2013 repress. Exact repros of the original BYG Actuel LP series from the early 70s. "Originally recorded on August 22nd, 1969 at Studio Saravah in Paris, this album became the first one of the whole BYG/Actuel series. Don Cherry's electrifying duets with Ed Blackwell are memorable. 6 tracks. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram HQ vinyl.

The BYG Actuel Series has remained one of the most authentic portals into the free expression of sound during the 60′s and 70′s, opening up the bridge between the best composers of the world and the European environment that appreciated these art forms the most. Innovators of many branches of avant-garde music were represented with the legendary LP runs and Don Cherry’s landmark "Mu" has been offered as an exact reproduction this year. The album was constructed almost entirely by Don Cherry, only adding percussion master Ed Blackwell to add further portals into the rhythm domain. The entire album was captured August 22, 1969,  at Studio Saravah, Paris, a period that would define Woodstock, Bitches Brew from Miles Davis, the end of the Beatles and so many other pivotal changes in world music. Don Cherry composed every piece on Mu First Part and it has remained one of his most valued recordings from the era. Released in the same year it was recorded, the people of France were treated with something very special. A pivotal recording that showcases Don Cherry pushing music into the most abstract realms of sublime beauty that had ever been recorded.

Cat. number: BYG 301LP
Year: 2013

Recorded on August 22, 1969 in Paris.

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