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Music in Twelve Parts - excerpt 1
Music in Twelve Parts - excerpt 2
Ultra rare original UK first pressing on Caroline, cover design by Sol Lewitt - "All of my works which predate 1976 fall within the highly reductive style known as minimalism. I feel that minimalism can be traced to a fairly specific timeframe, from 1965 through 1975, and nearly all my compositions during this period may be placed in this general category. All such categories are arbitrary, however, and can be misleading. For example, although Music in 12 Parts would most likely be classified as a minimal work, it was a breakthrough for me and contains many of the structural and harmonic ideas that would be fleshed out in my later works. It is a modular work, one of the first such compositions, with twelve distinct parts which can be performed separately in one long sequence, or in any combination or variation." - Philip Glass. Only one copy available.
Cat. number: CA 2010
Year: 1974