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philip glass

Music in Twelve Parts
€ 20.00
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philip glass - Music in Twelve Parts

philip glass

Music in Twelve Parts

€ 20.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CDx4 BOX | CATALOG N. OMM0049 | YEAR. (2011)

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A milestone! Music in Twelve Parts, written by Philip Glass between 1971 and 1974, is a deliberate, encyclopedic compendium of some techniques of repetition the composer had been evolving since the mid 1960s. It holds an important place in Glass's repertory - not only from a historical vantage point (as the longest and most ambitious concert piece for the Philip Glass Ensemble) but from a purely aesthetic standard as well, because Music in Twelve Parts is both a massive theoretical exercise and a deeply engrossing work of art.

"Music in 12 Parts would most likely be classified as a minimal work, it was a breakthrough for me and contains many of the structural and harmonic ideas that would be fleshed out in my later works. It is a modular work, one of the first such compositions, with twelve distinct parts which can be performed separately in one long sequence, or in any combination or variation."- Philip Glass

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Disc 1
Part 1 16:06
Part 2 16:21
Part 3 16:26

Disc 2
Part 4 20:58
Part 5 17:16
Part 6 15:00

Disc 3
Part 7 20:33
Part 8 18:36
Part 9 12:40

Disc 4
Part 10 17:26
Part 11 15:01
Part 12 18:02