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Edgardo Canton

Musiques Électroacoustiques, Le Mur

Label: Creel Pone

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Creel Pone treatment of two issues of Chilean Composer Edgardo N. Canton’s Early Electro-Acoustic music, entirely composed & executed during a residency at the GRM that started in 1959 & ended in 1965 - although he stayed on as an adjunct composer until 1973 - inlcuding a hen’s-teeth rare 1984 Moshe-Naim label collection, then two variants of his score to Serge Roullet's film of Sartre's "Le Mur" on Disques Ades.

As the central & southern-american territories have been fairly under-documented - and not just via Creel Pone; it’s something of a travesty that composers like Jocy De Oliveira, José Vicente Asuar, Rodolfo Caesar, Gabriel Brncic, Ivan Pequeño, Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt, Juan Blanco, and many others are largely unknown outside of their countries-of-origin - this Creel-Pro comes as a rewarding surprise; Canton’s transmogrifications of instrumental & electronic sounds remind me of fellow GRM / Concrète travellers like Ivo Malec & Jacques Lejeune, yet there’s an undeniable “Latin” influence to the pacing, rhythms, and instrumentation - pizzicato strings, trumpet - that makes this music so unique.

Cat. number: CP 118 CD
Year: 2007

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