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Maurizio Bianchi

Neuro Habitat

Label: Rotorelief

Format: LP

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200 numbered copies on purple vinyl. Quality reissue of a private LP, issued in edition of 300 copies in 1982; a skeletal extremist project that will then transform into the \'soundtrack\' of a movie with the same title, edited and directed by Paul Hurst. It\'s the setting of the griable pre-apocalyptic fossilization, the supreme lapidation of the meanness which creates the myth. There are actual melodies present -- dense and dark that mutate into harsh electronic outbursts.

\"In order to create this sound system, I used the conduction of psychomotor pulses merging it with neurosis signals circulating within the hypertrophic experimentation to get a plant immune-sensitive, so that the metabolism of rumoristic environment  emerges with the syndrome dissonant electronics, and the result was NEURO HABITAT. Maurizio Bianchi, 2013\"

Cat. number: ROTOR0041-C
Year: 2014
Genre: Noise

200 numbered copies on purple vinyl.

Recorded in 1982 at Mectpyo Studio, Milan.