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Albert Ayler

New York Eye And Ear Control 1964, Revisited

Label: ezz-thetics

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Ezz-Thetics presents New York Eye And Ear Control 1964, Revisited. Albert Ayle tenor saxophone, Don Cherry cornet & trumpet, John Tchicai alto saxophone, Roswell Rudd trombone, Gary Peacock double bass and Sunny Murray drums.

As a visitor of the Albert Ayler Quintet concert 1966 in Lörrach, Germany and producer of his recordings since 1982, I like to present New York Eye And Ear Control by Albert Ayler, remastered, given permission for it by Desiree Ayler-Fellows of the Albert Ayler Estate and Michael Snow, film and recording producer. New York Eye And Ear Control has to be considered as one of Albert Ayler's most important recordings, despite the fact that the known international literature did not give it much attention.  New York Eye And Ear Control may be the link between the collective improvisation Free Jazz by Ornette Coleman's double quartet, Free Form of Jimmy Giuffre and John Coltrane’s Ascension. – Werner X. Uehlinger

Cat. number: ezz-thetics 1118
Year: 2021

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