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adam mccartney

Oek (Lp)
€ 19.90
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adam mccartney - Oek (Lp)

adam mccartney

Oek (Lp)

€ 19.90

LABEL: God Records
GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. GOD 044LP | YEAR. (2017)

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OEK is a collection of six pieces. The name is a reference to the Tuvan word for yurt, or quite simply to the idea of home. The pieces are constructed using very simple material -- scales built from tetrachords and suspensions, that blend together the intervals of the chromatic field. This abstract material is tempered, in turn, by the sounds of the instruments.
Adam McCartney born in Limerick, 1987. Currently lives in Vienna. Studied composition and music theory with K. Lang, J. Godfrey, B. Lang. Adam approaches composition from the point of view that sound is not only the individual received result of a physical process, but also in a broader context an interface to abstract experience. The available material for composition is practically rooted in a direct experience of space and time i.e.: aesthetic experience. The work of the composer is related to the consistency of this experience. Certain musical elements appear to be historical artefacts. In fact they can cause resonances in contemporary ears that go beyond the borders of temporal and physical experience.

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