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Out Of The Hole - excerpt 1
Out Of The Hole - excerpt 2
Out Of The Hole - excerpt 3
Out Of The Hole - excerpt 4
File under: Contemporary

Noah Kaplan

Out Of The Hole

Label: ezz-thetics

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional

In stock

West Coast composer and saxophonist Noah Kaplan, associated with Anthony Coleman, David Tronzo, Peter Erskine, Rinde Eckert, Joe Morris, Mat Maneri, Joe Maneri, &c., here in his 3rd album with his Noah Kaplan Quartet, in a set of original compositions and one standard performed with Joe Morris (guitar), Giacomo Merega (electric bass) & Jason Nazary (drums, electronics).

**In process of stocking** "By way of re-introduction, we need to know that Noah Kaplan has become Noah K; that his initial hatOLOGY album, Descendants, was recorded in 2008 and issued in 2011; that the second, Cluster Swerve, was recorded in 2011 and issued in 2017; that Out Of The Hole was recorded in 2012 and is now receiving its first issuance; and most importantly that all three have been the product of the same four musicians. Further, it may help to know that Noah's musical career since 2012 has expanded to include idiomatic, yet personal, compositions for string quartet, orchestra, and various unusual instrumental combinations, as well as an opera, Salvation, which in part may explain the interval between his "jazz/improvisational" albums.

But why release this music after eight years? The saxophonist himself acknowledges that a quartet "reunion" gig in 2017 reminded him of the previously unreleased material's growth and substance, and Werner Uehlinger agreed and committed to releasing it now, on his new ezzthetics label. Character, imagination, and distinctiveness - only three of this music's many virtues - are subject to no temporal limitations. Thus time passing has no significance other than the altering of our perception - which, musically and metaphorically, seems to be on the mind of Noah K as well. [...]"
- Art Lange

File under: Contemporary
Cat. number: ezz-thetics 1017
Year: 2020

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