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Overlapped Memories - excerpt 1
Overlapped Memories - excerpt 2
Overlapped Memories - excerpt 3
Overlapped Memories - excerpt 4
Overlapped Memories - excerpt 5

Dominique Vaccaro

Overlapped Memories

Label: Tsss Tapes

Format: TAPE

Genre: Experimental

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**100 copies** Field recordings from different times and places, a walk through the woods or an exotic place far away from home. Studio-made sounds using instruments, tape loops, reel to reel Revox recorder and digital editing. Otherwise insignificant everyday life sounds. Everything mixed together in a diaristic manner, like seamless notebook sketches.


Dominique Vaccaro: field recordings, tape manipulation, stereo looper
Recorded between July and September 2018
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi

Cat. number: tst004
Year: 2019

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