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R. Stevie Moore


Label: Sundazed

Format: LP

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"Phonography was Stevie's first LP release, and an out-of-the-blue masterpiece: terminally idiosyncratic but with all the compositional qualities of great pop. A gifted songwriter, R Stevie (son of Bob Moore, Elvis' bassist) grew up and was steeped in Nashville's countrypolitanism; but, as a recidivist rebel, he inevitably slipped into strange byways, following his own, unique path into celebrated obscurity - as this strange and compelling record attests. Hans Arp said, 'My paintings are like fingernails: they keep growing and I keep cutting them off'. R Stevie's songs seem to follow the same rule. They create worlds, tell stories, trifle wantonly with form, harmony, structure and execution, and throw off passages of casual brilliance on the way. Lo-fi is integral to its purpose. You can't pay to get a sound like that. So, when nobody seemed to want to keep Phonography in print, ReR Megacorp were happy to oblige - it's history. We took the opportunity to re-master and restore it to its original form. Instruments used: Red plastic Hagstrom electric guitar, Gibson SG Junior electric guitar, Fender Precision Bass, Yamaha acoustic guitar, Alvarez classical guitar, Premier snare drum, upside-down cardboard box bass drum, various full drum kits, Fischer grand piano, Franz metronome, Maracas, Tambourine, Cry Baby Wah Wah pedal, Jordan Creator sustain pedal, Korg synthesizer, Elka string synthesizer, Magnus chord organ, Realistic frequency equalizer, Maestro phase shifter, Univox echo chamber, hi-hat cymbals, extra cymbal (old), Panasonic cassette player, Koss and Vanco headphones, Fender Twin Reverb and Eenque amplifiers, Cords, Picks, Voice."

Cat. number: RER RSM1
Year: 2016