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Charlie Nothing

Psychedelic Sax

Label: Private

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Jazz

Out of stock

Grey-area exact LP repro edition, originally released on Fahey's Takoma label in 1967. Charlie Nothing was the fractured-psyche pseudonym of author, organic farmer, beekeeper and philosopher/clown Charles Martin Simon, inventor of the dingulator (guitar sculptures made out the metal from American cars). The Psychedelic Saxophone Of Charlie Nothing made a minor splash in the European free jazz melting pot upon its initial release, but the album's non-dingulating psych sax improvisation, accompanied by gong, conga drum and banjo (supposedly borrowed from Tiny Tim), is highly sought-after by the adventurous and heavily medicated. Limited to 500 copies.

Cat. number: C 1015LP
Year: 2010

Originally released on Takoma in 1967.

Music copyright 1976 by Charlie Nothing. Published by Hodolog Music (BMI)

Jacket lists b-side as "In Eternity With Brother Frederic"

Comes in generic, black 12" sleeve with paste-on artwork.

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