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G Song - excerpt
Plateau - excerpt
File under: Spontaneous

Julius Hemphill

Raw Materials And Residuals (Lp + Cd)

Label: Black Saint

Format: LP + CD

Genre: Jazz

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One of the essential albums of 70’s creative jazz, and a landmark recording in the second wave avant-garde movement of that era. The music of the late great saxophonist and composer Julius Hemphill presents a strong combination of Blues roots, free energy and bop complexity. Hemphill's compositions were meaty enough to offer the improvisers plenty of ideas, but they were airy and open, too. They left room for solos, accompanied by the rhythm section and unaccompanied, and for group improvisations that maintained an impressive consistency and flow. Recorded in New York in 1977, Raw Materials and Residuals explodes like a face off between Hemphill’s unique reeds Abdul Wadud’s deep pizzicato and Don Moye’s frantic drive. Includes a CD copy of the album.

Cat. number: BS520004
Year: 2014

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