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best of 2015
MAXFIELD_ Dromenon_excerpt
best of 2015

Richard Maxfield

Richard Maxfield

Label: Slowscan

Format: LPx2

Genre: Electronic

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MASTERPIECE!!! This double LP introduces an invaluable selection of early electronic Richard Maxfield pieces featuring four distinct works composed between 1959-1964 and previously unpublished (Dromenom, Electronic Symphony, Suite from Peripateia, and Wind). While Maxfield did not exclusively compose electronic music, winning the Gershwin Prize in 1959 for his orchestral work Five Movements, it was within the genre of electroacoustic composition that Maxfield's contribution had the most influence. He was one of the first American composers to create works for acoustic instruments with tape accompaniment, and his technique of creating works containing frequencies outside of the range of normal human hearing (below 20Hz or above 20000Hz) that are modulated to produce sounds has since become a notable characteristic of electroacoustic composition.
The LP is printed in a edition of 250 copies, includes Electronic Symphony (for tape, 1964), Dromenon (Ballet for tape and live instruments, as performed at Judson Memorial Church, Washington Square, New York City. Opening Night, 1964), Suite from Peripateia (for a dance piece by James Waring for the Judson Dance Company, 1950-1961), and Wind (for saxophone & tape, 1961). Recordings courtesy of Dick Higgins.

Cat. number: slowscan 28
Year: 2015

Edition of 250 copies. Recordings courtesy of Dick Higgins. Layout by Johnny van de Koolwijk. Thanks to harry Ruhé / Gallery 'A'.

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