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Ruigoord Fiery Tongues (Tape box)

Label: Counter Culture Chronicles

Format: Tape

Genre: Sound Art

In stock


* Limited edition of 20 copies * edition which comes in a cardboard box and is limited to twenty copies. Coming with an explanation about the recordings - of readings at the festival by Armand, Ira Cohen, Louis Lehmann, Hans Verhagen and Simon Vinkenoogand - Ruigoord with a special thank to Hans Plomp and Yvonne van Doorn organising poetry and spoken word events in Ruigoord for decades and hopefully decades to come. This tape is not only a tribute to the five Ruigoord Trophy holders (all artists were frequent performers) who now all sadly past away but also to Ruigoord and Hans and Yvonne and all the great people at Ruigoord making it such a special place.
Great tape with PA recordings from Ruigoord through the years. MC's Yvonne van Doorn-Mousset and Hans Plomp. Great thanks goes out to the Ruigoord recording team preserving these beautiful recordings for generations to come.

Cat. number: CCC75
Year: 2021

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