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Zeitweise Leitcher Schneefall - excerpt 1
Zeitweise Leitcher Schneefall - excerpt 2
Zeitweise Leitcher Schneefall - excerpt 3

Anouck Genthon, Christoph Schiller

Zeitweise Leitcher Schneefall

Label: A New Wave Of Jazz

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

Out of stock

**300 copies** "One aim of improvised music is to create unprecedented sounds. And by specializing in the textures that can be extracted from the spinet, the piano’s 18th Century ancestor, keyboardist Christoph Schiller, who now divides his time between Basel and Weil am Rhein is firmly involved in this trope. On this hushed, microtonal CD, Schiller applies his tweaking of the traditional keyboard to responsive sounds from an instrument as venerable as his, Anouck Genthon’s violin on Zeitweise Leitcher Schneefall. Geneva-based Genthon, who has worked with Jacques Demierre and the Insub Meta Orchestra, helps invest the communication on her spinet encounters with the qualities of a brief snowfall reflecting the title of the session. Singular and intermittent, vibrating plinks from strings attached to the fiddle and inside the piano contrast and conflate timbres as they negotiate among the protracted pauses which characterize the seven selections. With Schiller’s verbalized sighs as further animation, the resonations inflate only so much, until extended sweeps from both players, attain a mini-crescendo of back-and-forth chordal resonance on Ein Leuchtender Saum. As the vertical and horizontal sweeps intensify, widening soundboard spinet vibrations and swelling col legno slaps work their way into parallel, if not always identical, motifs which confirm that interaction." - Jazzword

Christoph Schiller : spinet, voice
Anouck Genthon : violin
Recording date and place : 1.+2. February 2018 at Atelier Klingentalstrasse, Basel (Switzerland). Composed, recorded and mixed by Christoph Schiller. Mastered at the Sunny Side Inc. studio, Anderlecht (Belgium)

Cat. number: NWOJ019
Year: 2019

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