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Christoph Schiller, Cyril Bondi, Pierre-Yves Martel


Label: Another Timbre

Format: CD

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Beautiful and thoughtful music by the trio comprised of Cyril Bondi (indian harmonium, pitch pipes), Pierre-Yves Martel (viola da gamba, pitch pipes), Christoph Schiller (spinet). Improvised, but on the basis of a pre-agreed sequence of pitches, allowing the musicians to explore melody in a way that is rare within improvisation. "Five pieces by a new trio, who improvise but on a pre-agreed sequence of pitches, allowing a much greater use and exploration of pitch and melody than is usual in improvisation. Beautiful and thoughtful music. "I find that music requires a kind of implicit order, though this can consist of the barest rules imaginable. You need something to contain and channel the chaos of creation." Pierre-Yves Martel"-Another Timbre

Cat. number: at123
Year: 2018