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Synchrotrony - excerpt 1
Synchrotrony - excerpt 2
Synchrotrony - excerpt 3
Synchrotrony - excerpt 4



Label: Gusstaff Records

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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"A synchrotron is a particular type of cyclic particle accelerator, descended from the cyclotron, in which the accelerating particle beam travels around a fixed closed-loop path. The magnetic field which bends the particle beam into its closed path increases with time during the accelerating process, being synchronized to the increasing kinetic energy of the particles.

Synchrotrony are a trio who take their inspiration from free improvisation, sound search and simple folk melodies. The band consists of experienced instrumentalists: drummer Krzysztof Topolski, known to all fans of experimental music as Arszyn, double bassist and guitarist Jacek Steinbrich, who, among others, plays in TeChytrze, Pasożyty, and saxophonist Maciej Rodakowski, associated with Naczynia and Za Siódmą Góra.

The band's first album entitled Synchrotrony is a mixture of swing and blues served in a strongly free jazz improvised seasoning. Arranged melodies intertwine with rhythmic trance, solid groove and open group improvisation. As the publisher puts it: "What I like most about this music is trance and Krautrock precision of the rhythm section, and the saxophone, though tenor, sometimes sounds like the powerful Colley's baritone from Morphine, and sometimes like Jimi Tenor playing Polish folk music..."

Cat. number: GRAM2003
Year: 2020

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