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Jose Luis Castillejo

The Book Of J's

Label: Alga Marghen

Format: LP+Book

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Original copies, very few available. José Luis Castillejo's The Book of J's was the first book issued by Alga Marghen. It was also the first art book produced by Castillejo in about 20 years; one line of 'J' letters in the center of the page, a continuous frieze running along 400 pages. No essays, no introduction, no two pages the same. A 400 pages hardbound top quality art book (cover cm.24x16) in an edition of 200 copies. Also included in the edition is a free LP, recorded by the author and coordinated by Walter Marchetti. From the sleeve notes: 'A writer, like any other artist, does not create experiences. Art creates works while experiences are anybody's privilege. The editor of Alga Marghen has asked me for a record. As I am not a singer it did occur to me that perhaps this new record should be the record of my writing The Book of J's. It records the process of writing a book. Without this record the act of writing, the so called creative act, will be lost in the final result. It is the act of creation that has been recorded. In spite of all the noise about creation, creation itself is a quiet act done in recollection. Perhaps not a big deal. But it is a quietness that results in a real work of the spirit'." The LP and book are packaged together in a large cardboard slipcase, with only a stamped letter "J" on the outside.


A rather unbelievable minimalist artifact, documented in a hard cover book and accompanying LP (the sound of the making of the book). Those of you who regularly frequent the expression "I don't get it," should stay far, far away. A few others who appreciate life's more mysterious pleasures, will be well pleased to archive this most unusual set of items.


Cat. number: C alga 5
Year: 1999
Genre: Sound Art

LP is packaged in a cardboard box along with the hardback book "The Book of J's" (ISBN: 84-605-9174-3).

Limited edition of 200 copies.