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The Tree People 2 9 Sliding
The Tree People 4 9 Opus

The Tree People

The Tree People

Label: Tiliqua

Format: CD deluxe

Genre: Music from Japan

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first time ever official reissue, housed in a sturdy mini-lp styled gatefold sleeve. original artwork with reproduction of a rare tree people concert poster opening up in the gatefold. comes with salacious obi strip and 4 pages of extensive liner notes. limited pressing. tiliqua was granted the opportunity to restore this gem and with the kind collaboration of mr. cohen of the tree people, who provided me with the master tapes and a seemingly unlimited support, tiliqua was able to prepare this reissue. to me, this album is one of the singular most beautiful gems to have crossed my path and words always fall short in an attempt to describe the aural sensation it unleashes.

“upon listening today this hushed and intimate feeling still resonates through the music – the record possesses an extraordinarily potent atmosphere that still intoxicates the senses after so many years. over a combustible backing dominated by shimmering strings, bone-shaking hand percussion rhythms, and quivering sensuous threads of eastern-toned flute playing, the group succeeded in concocting up a syncretic combination of meditative indian raga, western folk stylings and idiosyncratic melodic ideas. the music breathes out intimacy and communicates with a rare directness - hooking you instantly with sheer aural bliss derived from the melody, from the flowing beat, from the sound of the words and syllables and of all those separate elements interacting with each other, rendered into a concentrated, gracious flow of lunar notes. the album's compositions have so many hidden qualities, all breathing out deep and affectionate sentiments that reveal, just like a lotus flower centered on the axis with its petals unfolding towards the circumference, a streamlined adhesion towards the group's' own singular creed. listen to it and you may feel like awakening from a deep slumber, your unconsciousness leaking away as aspects of reality slowly mix in with the rest of your already blurred mindset.”
Cat. number: tilar 5003 cd
Year: 2006